The Role of the Councillor

Councillors are elected by the Horsforth community to carry out three main roles. The first is to make decisions about things such as spending, community events and services. For example, the Town Council organises a Christmas Switch On event for the people of Horsforth, pays for the maintenance of flower baskets and troughs throughout the area, supports community groups with grants and sponsorship so that all residents get access to what they need, and pays to maintain defibrillators at various points within Horsforth’s boundaries.

Secondly, Councillors monitor all decisions taken, to ensure that they were effective. They check that services lead to improvement for residents or events are attended and enjoyed. Feedback from the community is an important aspect of monitoring.

Thirdly Councillors commit themselves to staying informed about local issues and to listening to the range of opinions on those issues within Horsforth. The Town Council holds surgeries to give residents the opportunity to raise issues and attend a range of community groups such as residents and tenants associations.