Become a Councillor

Horsforth Town Council elections are every four years. There are criteria that you must meet in order to stand for election as a Town Councillor.

These are:

  • A British citizen, or a citizen of the Commonwealth, or the European Union
  • 18 years of age or older 
  • Live in an area that is served by a local council

You cannot stand for election if you:
  • Are the subject of a bankruptcy restriction order or interim order
  • Have within five years before the day of the election, been convicted in the United Kingdom of any offence and have had a prison sentence (whether suspended or not) for a period of over three months without the option of a fine 
  • Work for the council you want to become a councillor for.
(All About Local Councils, NALC, 2018)

For more information on candidacy for council, click on the Electoral Commission link.

Horsforth usually elects enough Councillors to fill all the vacancies. In the absence of any vacancies arising during the current term, the next opportunity to stand as a councillor for Horsforth Town Council would be the parish and town council elections taking place in 2023.

Horsforth Town Council provides funding for training for new and returning Councillors, in order to support them in carrying out their role effectively.