Neighbourhood Plan

In 2020, Horsforth residents voted to have the proposed Neighbourhood Plan adopted. This was a great and positive result following years of work that included six public consultations, producing supporting documentation, including the draft neighbourhood plan, and a local referendum.

Adopting the Neighbourhood Plan will give the Horsforth community more power to shape development in the area. This includes influence over where new homes, businesses and offices are built and how these buildings will look., protecting Horsforth’s green spaces, recognition and protection of conservation areas or heritage buildings and influence over whether particular developments get planning permission.

The neighbourhood plan also brings in money for Horsforth from any new housing developments. Twenty five percent of all Community Infrastructure Levy monies (CIL) that arises out of new housing developments, is given to Horsforth Town Council. This will be used to benefit the community of Horsforth.

All documentation created at various stages of getting the Neighbourhood Plan to adoption stage are archived. They can be viewed by making an appointment at the Council office.