The Role of the Council

As the first tier of local government, the role of Horsforth Town Council is to represent the whole of the Horsforth community when decisions are taken by Leeds City Council that affect Horsforth. It holds Full Council meetings every two months where it discusses local issues and planned events, listens to any issues raised by residents and presentations on the work of community groups, and ratifies spending decisions. All decisions are agreed and made by the whole Council, via democratic vote; no individual Councillor can make decisions. Full Council also oversees and ratifies decisions made by Committees that were formed to focus on specific areas of Council business.

Whilst Leeds City Council makes many of the decisions for the city, for issues such as planning, refuse collection, highways improvements, housing and education, Horsforth Town Council ensures that Horsforth is represented when those decisions are being made. Horsforth Town Council wants to ensure that all members of Horsforth are represented by the Council. It has elected representatives who attend community initiatives such as Dementia Friendly Horsforth and Horsforth Fair Trade, and has a Young People’s and Older People’s champion. The Town Council strives towards ever closer ties, and work, with the people of Horsforth and encourages interested residents to get involved.

The Town Council raises money for Horsforth through the precept, collected with the Council tax which is invested back into Horsforth to through local services to the area, events, Christmas lights, flowers and watering.

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