Get Involved With Your Council

Parish Councils work because local people want to make a difference to their community. The dedication of Horforth’s Parish Councillors over the years, who all give up their free time to work for their local community as unpaid public servants, has helped Horsforth be consistently voted the number one place to live in Leeds.

There are different ways to get involved. Attending meetings is really important; you get to know your local Councillors and find out about the issues affecting Horsforth. You can also be granted time at the start of meetings to speak to Councillors about matters important to you. The Annual Town Meeting gives you the opportunity to hear about the work of the Council over the previous year.

You can stand for election as a Councillor, or where appropriate, work as part of a Council working group for a particular project. If you are a community organisation you can ask for representation or partnership with the Council, or apply for grants and sponsorship to help your organisation provide services.

Horsforth Town Council welcomes close links with the community. Working together helps maintain the character of Horsforth, backs local businesses and tradespeople, boosts support for community organisations and ensures that all residents have the opportunity to have their voices heard.