Community Grants and Sponsorship

Horsforth Town Council fully supports the work of community or voluntary groups that bring benefit to so many within the Town. The Town Council offers community grants to such groups, as long as they are based in Horsforth, or operating a substantial part of their activities here. Sponsorship is available to community or voluntary groups based in Horsforth providing an event for all or many of the residents of Horsforth on one or more occasion per year.

The Town Council has already supported a wide variety of community projects from The Horsforth Shed Project to the Horsforth Cricket Club, Walk of Art and Friends of Hall Park. Both grants and Sponsorship applications can be made to Council throughout the year. To ensure that Council support benefits Horsforth, applicants will be asked to provide evidence of how any funding provided will benefit people living within the Town. Grants cannot be made available to individuals, nor can they be made available to business or profit-making organisations.

What the funding has meant to previous organisations

Horsforth Shed logo

Horsforth Shed

The experience of one of our former volunteers shows that the Shed, which had a grant awarded towards its renovation, is already giving positive support to individuals as we work together.

"It always amazed me how many bacon sandwiches and cups of tea were served at the old Scout Hut whilst it was being renovated into a Community Workshop! I was involved from the very start working as part of a team of volunteers for one day a week and over the months real progress has been made. The eight months I worked on the project really helped me grow in confidence and learn some new skills. Since leaving University I had been job hunting without any success and feeling pretty low. Going along and working with others has been really encouraging. In September I started an internship so I can no longer work there but it’s great to hear that the team hope to get it ready to open in early spring next year.

Horsforth Cricket Club

Horsforth Cricket Club

Cricket matches finally got going under specific Covid-19 guidelines on 11 July.
After the constraints of lockdown there was lots of enthusiasm from children and families.

The new pitch cover, purchased with the grant from Horsforth Town Council, was available to use from the start of the season and although the weather was not as wet as some summers, it has made a real difference not least because it does not have tears in it like the old one!

We fielded three senior and five junior teams in what turned out to be half a season of fixtures ending last weekend. We also ran All Stars for five to eight year olds and three weeks of summer camps.