Referendum Result

Horsforth Town Council would like to thank all those who came out to vote in support of the Neighbourhood Plan.The formal vote was 91.35% in favour of the plan.You can read the full details of the declaration of result notice here.

In accordance with Section 3 of the Neighbourhood Planning Act (2017), the plan is now considered ‘made’ and part of the Leeds Development Plan for the purposes of determining planning applications in the Horsforth Neighbourhood Area. The City Council will, in due course, publish a decision statement to “make” the plan.

The NP will be used to ensure that development that is coming to Horsforth in the period to 2028 follows the guidelines set out in the NP relating to that development. If Horsforth housing number is increased by 1000 (the approximate current target) then having the plan relates directly to the character of these homes. Additionally, over this period, the Community Infrastructure Levy (the levy on building new homes) could generate several hundred thousand pounds of extra revenue for the Town Council to allocate to community projects,as shown in the Neighbourhood Plan..