Horsforth Neighbourhood Plan

Additional Site Allocations questionnaire results
The Town Council is pleased to be able to publish the results of the Additional Site Allocations questionnaire which the residents of the town completed during July and August. Thank you to 1,018 of you who contributed to the response.

What has emerged are some very strong views about protecting green spaces and especially green belt – the land comprising Strawberry Fields and The Horsforth Campus (Park Lane College).

We will be sending this summary of responses into Leeds City Council as part of the Site Allocations consultation response from the Town Council.

About the Horsforth Neighbourhood Plan

The Planning Committee is in the middle of the consultation period for the Horsforth Neighbourhood Plan and is working with Leeds City Council Planning Department to enable this to happen. The adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan will, within national and local guidelines, allow Horsforth to have a greater say in any future planning proposals, for the township. The plan will provide future developers with an outline of where and how new areas can be developed for homes, shops, business premises, and other matters of interest. A Neighbourhood Plan will allow the local community to have their say on those schemes that they would like to see go ahead.
In 2011 the Government introduced planning changes that give local communities new rights to shape and plan their neighbourhood.
These neighbourhood plans can be used to set out the ways in which land can be used, but they must be “pro development”. Neighbourhood plans cannot be used to stop developments already permitted, or to have a smaller number of developments than those wanted by Leeds City Council. The Neighbourhood Plan has to work with the plans put forward by the Leeds Core Strategy. However we can say where we would want these developments to go, and what the buildings should look like, as well as shops and other business premises.
The Neighbourhood Plan will focus on meeting local needs and so that putting it together
will need the help of everyone in Horsforth, to decide on those things that are important
to residents.
Horsforth Town Council carried out a consultation on proposed housing sites for Horsforth in the summer of 2013.

The revised draft Site Allocation Plan was presented in January 2015, and Horsforth Town Council wants to hear your views on these extra sites and their impact on Horsforth. Horsforth Town Council is also working on its Neighbourhood Plan, which is strongly related to these sites and will shape how they might be developed, but not the number of them. The Town Council has therefore sent this questionnaire to every household in Horsforth. Responses to this consultation will help the Council to fully understand and represent our community’s views and be used to shape the Neighbourhood Plan for Horsforth. It would be really helpful to us if you could complete and return this questionnaire before 30th September 2015.

Since then Leeds City Council has added some key sites to its proposed Site Allocations Plan for Horsforth, for the next 13 year period. Leeds City Council has now identified sites that it believes may be suitable forabout 2000 houses in Horsforth – one third of the proposed allocation for the whole of North Leeds.

If submitting this A4 version back to the Town Council, please place your completed questionnaire in a DL sized envelope and write on it the postage paid return address.

Link to August 2015 Questionnaire

Horsforth Town Council would like to thank the community of Horsforth for their response.
Please use the links below to access any relevant information.

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If you have any comments on the proposed plan please email npsupport@leeds.gov.uk or write to Neighbourhood Planning Team, City Development, Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD marked "Designation of Neighbourhood Areas".