Grants & Sponsorship

Horsforth Town Council is supportive of the work of community or voluntary groups operating within the Town. The Council offer community grants to such groups on an on-going basis.

Who can apply for a grant?
Grants are available to any community or voluntary group based in Horsforth, or operating a substantial part of their activities in Horsforth. Grants are only accepted from recognised, bona-fide, non-profit making organisations or groups.
Grants cannot be made available to individuals, nor can they be made available to business or profit-making organisations.

Grants awarded 2016/17:
Horsforth Children’s Centre: Contribution to health and social care course fees. £150.00
Cragg Hill & Woodside Residents Group: Newsletter production and print costs. £300.00

Some community and volunteer groups provide annual events for the benefit of Horsforth residents and have done so for several years. These groups would be precluded from one-off grants because of the restrictions imposed within the community grant policy. This could result in the loss of annual events in Horsforth. The Sponsorship policy has been put in place to support annual events and to provide the Horsforth resident with community led events.

Who can apply for sponsorship?
Sponsorship is available to community or voluntary groups based in Horsforth providing an annual event for all or some of the residents of Horsforth on one or more than one occasion per year.
The sponsorship applicant must be able to demonstrate to the council that any sponsorship provided will be of benefit to the people living within the Town and that the benefit is commensurate to the expenditure.

Sponsorship awarded 2016/17:
Royal British Legion: Hire of public address system for Remembrance service. £350.00
Horsforth in Bloom: Plants and bulbs. £500.00
Horsforth Churches Together: Good Friday Walk, road closure and security. £480.00
orsforth Churches Together: Good Friday Walk, road closure and security. £480.00

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