Leeds City Council submitted the Horsforth Submission Neighbourhood Plan for examination on 17th July 2019. Independent planning inspector Tony Burton has been appointed by Leeds City Council to examine the plan.

On 19th July 2019 Mr. Burton emailed Leeds City Council and stated “I have now undertaken an initial review of the Plan for any fundamental flaws which would cause me to pause. This review has concluded that I should continue with the Examination. My initial assessment is also that the Examination can proceed without the need for a (public) hearing.”

In the same email Mr. Burton asked 7 questions, to which Leeds City Council and Horsforth Town Council gave a joint reply – see the joint response here.

On 12th August 2019, Mr. Burton contacted Leeds City Council with 3 further questions on which the Town Council and LCC have jointly replied. See the joint response here.

On 10th September 2019, the Inspector requested a more detailed breakdown of the survey supporting Policy ES1 for each of the three local centres – New Road Side, Town Street and Station Road.  The key information is a percentage breakdown between uses for each area as is provided for them all in the three bullets near the bottom of page 33 of the Plan. 

The Town Council and Leeds City Council made the response providing this information in a joint submission which you can see here.

The Examiner published his final report on Wednesday 2 October 2019. You can see the full final report here

Both Horsforth Town Council and Leeds City Council have accepted the main and optional modifications to the NP recommended by the Examiner in his report. Resulting from this LCC have issued the Regulation 18 Decision Statement, which you can view here. The formal Decision Statement can be found on the Leeds City Council website along with additional information here. The Referendum on adopting the NP is likely to be in February or March 2020.