Agendas and Minutes 2021/22

 Meeting Date   
Annual Town Meeting27 May 2021    Agenda  Minutes
Council - Annual Meeting of Town Council27 May 2021 AgendaAgenda Pack  Minutes   
Council - extraordinary meeting   17 June 2021 AgendaAgenda Pack Minutes
Planning, Licensing and Traffic Committee Advisory Group  - POSTPONED from 24 June 20211 July June 2021 Agenda Agenda Pack Minutes
Community and Environment Committee - Advisory Group8 July 2021 AgendaAgenda Pack Minutes
Finance and General Purposes Committee Advisory Group15 July 2021    Agenda  Agenda Pack Minutes
Planning, Licensing and Traffic Committee Advisory Group   22 July 2021    AgendaAgenda Pack Minutes
Council   29 July 2021    Agenda  Agenda Pack Minutes
Planning Licensing and Traffic Committee   19 August 2021 AgendaAgenda Pack Minutes      
Community and Environment Committee    9 September 2021 AgendaAgenda Pack   Minutes
Finance and General Purposes Committee16 September 2021AgendaAgenda Pack Minutes   
 Planning Licensing and Traffic Committee       23 September 2021 Agenda Agenda Pack