Agendas and Minutes 2022/23

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Meeting Dates from January - April 2023

Meeting Date   
Staffing and Employment Committee                   7 June 2022 Agenda Minutes
Staffing and Employment Committee 14 June 2022 Agenda   Minutes
 Staffing and Employment Committee    21 June 2022   Minutes
Community and Environment Committee   16 June 2022 AgendaAgenda Pack Minutes
Planning, Licensing and Traffic Committee 30 June 2022 Agenda  Agenda PackMinutes
 Annual Meeting of the Town Council       7 July 2022   Agenda Agenda PackMinutes
 Finance and General Purposes Committee 14 July 2022    Agenda    Agenda Pack Minutes
 Planning, Licensing and Traffic Committee 21 July 2022 Agenda    Agenda Pack Minutes
 Full Council Meeting 28 July 2022    Agenda Agenda Pack Minutes
Staffing and Employment Committee 11 August 2022 Agenda  Minutes
 Extraordinary Full Council Meeting  18 August 2022 Agenda   Minutes
 Extraordinary Full Council Meeting 1 September 2022 Agenda  Minutes
 Planning, Licensing and Traffic Committee    1 September 2022 Agenda Agenda Pack Minutes
 Staffing and Employment Committee 31 August 2022 Agenda  Minutes
 Community and Environment Committee - CANCELLED 8 September 2022 Agenda Agenda Pack N/A
 Staffing and Employment Committee - CANCELLED 12 September 2022 Agenda Agenda Pack N/A
 Planning, Licensing and Traffic Committee - CANCELLED  22 September 2022   N/A
 Staffing and Employment Committee    27 September 2022 Agenda  Minutes
 Full Council    29 September 2022 AgendaAgenda Pack Due to file limits we are unable to upload the file. Please contact the office if you want a copy Minutes
 Extraordinary Full Council Meeting 13 October 2022 Agenda  
 Planning, Licensing and Traffic Committee 20 October 2022    Agenda Agenda Pack Minutes
 Staffing and Employment Committee    31 October 2022    Agenda  Minutes
 Community and Environment Committee       3 November 2022 Agenda  Minutes
 Finance and General Purposes Committee  10 November 2022 Agenda Agenda Pack Minutes
 Planning, Licensing and Traffic Committee 17 November 2022 Agenda    Agenda Pack Minutes
 Full Council 24 November 2022 Agenda Agenda Pack Minutes
Community and Environment Committee 1 December 2022 Agenda    Agenda Pack 
 Staffing and Employment  Committee 8 December 2022 Agenda Agenda Pack Minutes
 Planning, Licensing and Traffic Committee 15 December 2022 Agenda  Agenda Pack Minutes
 Staffing and Employment Committee 9 January 2023 Agenda    Agenda Pack Minutes
 Finance and General Purposes Committee 12 January 2023 Agenda    Agenda Pack
 Staffing and Employment Committee 16 January 2023 Agenda  Agenda Pack Minutes  
 Planning, Licensing and Traffic Committee 19 January 2023 Agenda Agenda Pack   
 Full Council    26 January 2023 Agenda Agenda Pack   
 Staffing and Employment Committee 23 January 2023 Agenda