LCC Site Allocation Plan (SAP) consultation

This is the link to the Town Council’s response to the LCC Site Allocation Plan (SAP) consultation which closed on Monday 16th November.
The Town Council has considered major “big picture aspects of the SAP, rather than comments on a site by site basis – but you will see significant information relating to the unsuitability of the inclusion of site HG2 41 Strawberry Fields.
In particular the Town Council has comments on: -
The Additional Site Allocations Questionnaire response which 1,108 people responded to.
The remove of green belt by the plan – especially in relation to HG2 41 and 43 sites
The cumulative impact of housing development on infrastructure
The difficulty of Neighbourhood Planning and supporting the SAP because of failure to fully green belt review.
The Town Council will shortly start the consultation that it must carry out on the Policy Intentions to contained in the draft Neighbourhood Plan for Horsforth.