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Horsforth Cenotaph Remembrance Service – November ‘22

It was a privilege and an honour for Horsforth Town Council to work collaboratively with Horsforth Royal British Legion to plan and deliver this year’s Remembrance March and Cenotaph Service. We took part in a newly routed parade march in readiness for next year’s march which will be incorporating a second stop at a new Boulder Stone (to commemorate the fallen, Horsforth Second World War veterans) where Stanhope Drive meets the Ring Road.

Rev. Larry Hibberd delivered an excellent, fitting service with help from Horsforth Choral Society leading attendees’ in singing ‘Joyful Joyful, We Adore Thee’ and Vera Lynn’s war-time favourite ‘We’ll Meet Again’ alongside a fantastic, empathetic recital of the world-renowned poem ‘In Flanders Field’ created by the poet John McCrae, by Horsforth Sixth Form Pupil Iliah Movahedzadeh.

Thank you and well done to all the community groups and the public who came together to make this years’ Remembrance Service truly special.



Horsforth Cemetery School’s Armistice Service – November ‘22


It was wonderful for Horsforth Town Council in conjunction with Kay Brown, Chaplain at Abbey Grange CofE Academy to welcome our local schools to participate in our School’s Armistice Service. The schools respectfully placed individual crosses on the Commonwealth War graves. Thank you also to Gordon Tollefson, Deputy Lord Lieutenant, John Huck and the Rt. Hon. Stuart Andrew, MP.





Horsforth Town Council Visits Students at Horsforth 6th Form: - November ‘22

Horsforth Town Council enjoyed a lovely visit to Horsforth School.

We were invited as Chairman of Council, Children's and Young Person's Champion and Dementia Champion to lead two Sixth Form Assembles on consecutive days at Horsforth School, meeting with Year 12 and Year 13 students.

We have offered our support in helping and supporting Horsforth's students with their School Council's newly formed Parliament, inviting their newly appointed Chairs, Ella and Frank to our next Full Council meeting to address Councillors on matters pertinent to the students attending Horsforth.

We had the opportunity to meet with Iliah, who has been specially selected by his teachers at the invitation of Horsforth Town Council to do a reading at our Council's Remembrance Service this coming Sunday at the Cenotaph. We were also able to invite Horsforth students as part of their Enrichment Curriculum to participate in next May's Dementia Friendly Horsforth's Action Week.

Our hope is for Horsforth Town Council to forge further good links with Horsforth School to facilitate the next generation of Councillors to help in preserving and improving our great Town of Horsforth.

Horsforth Farmer’s Market – November ‘22

Horsforth Town Council were delighted to be back at our Horsforth Farmer’s Market this November, sharing information on our forthcoming Remembrance Services.

Horsforth Poppies – October - November ‘22

Horsforth Town Councillors were happy to support this year’s Poppy Scheme in Morrison’s.


Pool Civic Service – October ‘22


We were made very welcome by the lovely Pool in Wharfedale Chairman of Council, Hazel Lee at their Civic Service in October.

Notice of Vacancy

Notice is hereby given that due to the resignation of Councillor Becca Batchelor a casual vacancy has arisen in the office ­­­of Town Councillor for the Town Council of Horsforth, Victoria Ward.

In accordance with Section 89(3) of the Local Government Act 1972, where the vacancy occurs within six months before the day on which the councillor whose office is vacant would regularly have retired, an election shall not be held under Section 89(1) of the above Act, and the vacancy will be filled at the next ordinary election of councillors on 4th May 2023.

The Council may choose to fill the vacancy for the period until that election.

Dated: 8th November 2022

Signed: B. Crabtree, Clerk

Address: Horsforth Town Council, Mechanics Institute, Town Street, Horsforth, LS18 5NL


Farmers Market

Horsforth Town Council's first stall at the Farmers Market proved a great success on 3rd October 2022 with Councillor Stones, Councillor Glover and Councillor Arbuckle. Councillor Stones was invited to award cheques on behalf of the Farmer’s Market 10-year Birthday celebrations to four local charities. 

The next Farmers Market is being held on 5th November 2022.


Notice of meetings

We have published notices of the Council's meetings for 2022-23. They can be found by clicking on the "Agenda and Minutes 2022/23" tab on the left or by clicking on this link

Electric Bike Scheme

Leeds City Council have an electric bike trial scheme, where you can try out an electric bike and see if it's for you. There is a waiting list until March 2021 so now might be the ideal time to add your name. Full details of the electric bike trial scheme can be found here.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The CIL is a planning charge for developers and landowners which is used to support development of local infrastructure. Leeds City Council collects it and has to pay a proportion to the local communities where the development takes place. 

Click here to find out more about CIL and to see the latest report on CIL income and Horsforth.

Horsforth Neighbourhood Plan

Horsforth Town Council would like to thank all those who came out to vote in support of the Neighbourhood Plan.The vote was 91.35% in favour of the plan.You can view the declaration of result notice here.

The adoption of the plan is a very positive outcome for Horsforth.

  • ·         Green spaces in Horsforth are special and valuable. The NP contains policies that promote the retention of green spaces and provides protection to some that are not otherwise protected. Some of the boundaries of Horsforth are defined by becks. These watercourses and the associated land adjacent to them are recognised in the NP as important wildlife, amenity and recreation networks.
  • ·         There are a number of special buildings and structures in Horsforth that have no protection within planning law at present. These buildings and structures are given Non-Designated Heritage Status in the NP. Some examples are the memorial boulder stone and lime trees on Stanhope Drive, and the Emmanuel Baptist Church.
  • ·         Character areas, previously identified in the Horsforth Design Statement, are confirmed and described in more detail alongside specific requirements for any developments taking place within those areas. This aims to ensure that new development fits in well with what is already there.
  • ·         The four Conservation Areas (CA) in Horsforth are recognised in the NP and in e.g. Horsforth Town Street CA, a specific policy is introduced to indicate how shop front lighting should be, so that its impact is managed, especially where it affects nearby residents.
  • ·         Three new local heritage areas are recognised. The Brownberries and its associated buildings originating in the mid-18th century, the Victorian and Edwardian villas of North Road and Scotland Lane, and the “arts and craft” housing style of the 1930’s – 1950’s on upper West End Lane and the Southway Estate. Any development in these areas must take the style of these existing buildings into account.
  • ·         Leeds Development Plan has identified a number of sites in Horsforth on which housing can be built. The NP identifies five of these and specifically details requirements that must be considered when they are developed. The largest of these sites is the former Horsforth (Park Lane) Campus and its crucial location,  feeding traffic onto the A65 and Horsforth Roundabout.
  • ·         Having an NP will mean that the Town Council (TC) attracts an additional 10% from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL - a new-house tax). Currently the TC receives 15% of CIL. This will rise to 25% once the plan is adopted by LCC. This money is to be spend of the provision of community services.
  • ·         The NP recognises the need for housing provision of particular type, and has a policy encouraging the provision of accommodation specifically designed for the elderly and providing a mix of tenures; small starter and family homes; and housing for independent living.
  • ·         The NP notes the predominance of hot food takeaways in the town and seeks that these should not undermine the vitality and viability of existing retail uses to meet day to day local shopping needs. The NP recognises that a concentration of these might detrimentally impact on the community in respect of amenity of the area and traffic generation, and in evening opening, the effects (including parking and noise) on residential accommodation.
  • ·         Parking in Horsforth can sometimes be a nightmare as well as the impact of school time drop off and pick-ups. The NP seeks to ensure the existing provision of both private and public car parks and supports the provision of additional parking created at e.g. the Fink Hill Car Park. Any new schools should include specific off-road drop-off and pick-up areas. There is also a policy promoting improved cycling, walking and equestrian routes.

These are a small selection of the benefits of having a Neighbourhood Plan. The purpose of the plan is to influence local planning in Horsforth when it comes to the green environment, the built environment, employment and shopping, housing, community facilities and services and traffic and transport. In particular the plan gives local people a greater say in how the town will develop in the years up to 2028.


The Town Council has requested, and Leeds City Council has agreed, that the date for the Horsforth NP Referendum will be Thursday 27th February 2020.

All those within the Horsforth Town Council area and on the Horsforth Electoral Roll will be notified of the Referendum and directed to the final Horsforth Neighbourhood Plan and its supporting documents.

You can see these documents here.

The Referendum will ask the simple question “Do you want Leeds City Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Horsforth to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?” A majority decision will adopt the plan or not.




Purchase of 3&5 The Green and The Stables 

Update 27 February 2019: Council resolved to apply for approval to take out a loan of up to £290,000 


Click here for link to full-sized poster

The agenda and report for this meeting is now available.

You can also download the business plan

Please contact the office if you would like more information.  


Goodbye to plastic cups

Horsforth Town Council is working towards stopping use of single-use plastics.

As a starting point, the Council has stopped using disposable plastic cups during its meetings - councillors will be bringing in their own cup or mug if they want a drink!

The Council would urge businesses and schools in Horsforth to think about how they can reduce their use of single-use plastics.